A friend of mine came to visit me yesterday. He is straight. Before we went to breakfast he suggested we go to the gym for a workout. Now, I have been to the gym before but, I run and don’t really need to buff out my body. Also cant see spending the money for a membership when I can keep in shape free.

He has a set routine and this day he did 30 minutes of cardio and worked his chest and legs for about 45min. When we finished with cardio I had no interest in weights and he met a guy to spot with him so he suggested I do some laps in the pool and will meet up with me later.

I changed into my trunks and on the way to the pool I walked past the steam room. There was a towel hanging outside so I decided warm up first and stepped inside.

This guy was sitting on one side and another just opposite. Of course I sat between the two. The older guy left (he was not naked) and the other was naked talking bout how it needed more steam. He went out and grabbed a bottle of water, started the steam pumping and it got really hot. 

We chatted a bit and right when he got up to leave another guy walked in wearing his towel. Took his spot and started to sweat. I was about to leave to swim when I noticed he started rubbing himself a bit on his chest so DUH I stuck around for the show.

I know this guy was straight, wore a wedding band and prolly a couple years younger than me 22-23 perhaps. He never made eye contact with me but of course, I pressed my luck and for just a few moments “adjusted” myself in my swimsuit. He gave a quick look then reached down to his towel right when the naked guy came back in. He gave me a glance as if to say “Damn”

The naked guy handed me the bottle of water and told me to pour some on my head “it feels good” and left. I stood up and let the water run down my head and body knowing the other guy was watching. As I moved over to him to offer him some water he spread open his towel and had one of the most fantastic cocks I have seen, semi-hard and growing. I was a bit shocked not really thinking this guy played around at all. Boy was I wrong. He gave me “the look” so I grabbed him and starting pumping.

He told me to play with his balls and after about 30 seconds I had to taste him but he said “no, I can’t” I said no problem but can i lick your balls? He hesitated then agreed. Wow…the steam..the taste…the smell just drove me crazy and he rubbed my shoulders and started to really moan and feverishly stroked his cock. With no time to spare as the door might open any minute I licked my way to his hole…sweat dripping down his crack..he said he was gonna cum. 

So, what did Tony do?

Slid my finger in his ass at the same time I went up to the head of his cock ignoring his hand pushing my head away and deep-throated that puppy right at the moment of his climax. He shuddered and let out a deep rooted moan I have rarely heard and a force of fluid I hadnt ever experienced. I am usually the one getting sucked off so I definitely caught him off guard. He definitely caught me off guard